Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Congratulations to our chess winners!

Congratulations to the winners
of our winter chess tournament!

Did you miss it?

Join us for Chess Club
on Monday nights at 6:00 pm,
starting back January 7th.

K-3 Section Winners

1st place: Sarvagna Velidandla
2nd place: Harshil Mehta
3rd place: Kapil Nathan
4th place: Aniteja Ponna
5th place: Manasa Mantha
6th place: Maxwell Wainwright

K-6 Section Winners

1st place: Patrick Moulton
2nd place: Esther Graveling
3rd place: Riley Smith
4th place: Benjamin Kennedy
5th place: Labdhi Mehta
6th place: Annya Evans

K-8 Section Winners

1st place: Caesar Juaraz
2nd place: Joseph Jun
3rd place: Gregory Murray

K-12 Section Winners

1st place: Stephen Graveling
2nd place: James Diaz
3rd place: David Fox

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